A Little Update: July 7th, 2020

I’ve been a little distant from this site for the last few weeks and for that I apologize. I attended a much needed staff retreat to do some planning for one of my real, on-the-books jobs. While I was away, I worried a lot about my writing and my website, specifically the way that everything seems to take a backseat to life, to making money.

I am often very emotionally exhausted, as a result of immense introversion and also my on-going struggle with mental illness. Writing for me can be healing and draining, and is often both. Combining that fact with my frequent need to be alone and void of thoughts means that I never feel like I’m writing enough or getting anything done. Which in turn stresses me out and feeds the issue even further. Ah mental health, you fickle and unattainable beast.

I’d like to give some sort of cheery ending to this post, but alas, I have several jobs and cannot promise you that I will be writing more. I can only promise you that I will do my best.

I find many writer’s advice blogs quite ridiculous because they DO make such promises. Or worse, they make inane comments about how much work it is to be a real writer or author, without ever explaining what that means. What factors make writing difficult for them? How did they overcome those issues? It’s like they want to be seen as in-human, super-writer if you will. They can just get out with that nonsense.

I am young and a former out-of-state student, meaning I do be having the debt. I have three mental diagnosed illnesses. I am an introvert. I live with my family and love to spend time with my chosen family. I have to eat, y’all. Most importantly, I cannot be neglecting Sammy. All of these things make writing all the time almost impossible. I have to work, I have to sleep, I have to spend some quality time staring at a wall to reset my brain from the working and the socializing.

All of this to say; I shall do my best, but I won’t pretend to be super-writer. And if I figure out how to overcome these obstacles, I’ll actually let you know.

Published by K. E. Diller

Young adult attempting to do a million things at once, including write books and follow my dreams.

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