I am in awe of you
 The way you think
 And teach
 You seek to learn 
 With each concept 
 You reveal
 I never thought 
 That I would be fascinated
 By a mushroom
 But I watch you
 And I want, no
 I need to know more
 I adore the way
 The excitement seizes you
 Light jumping from your eyes
 It leaps from your lashes
 To your cheeks
 Kissing freckles as it goes
 Lifting a smile 
 From your soft lips
 Before continuing
 Continuing on 
 On to the rest of you
 Until you are alight
 Until you are brilliant 
 More brilliant than the star  of our city 
 More brilliant than the holiday trees I disdain
 And it leaves me
 Completely and utterly
 In awe of you 

Published by K. E. Diller

Young adult attempting to do a million things at once, including write books and follow my dreams.

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