Adventures We Shouldn’t Have Taken: Scene Two

“You’re an idiot.” He started speaking before my eyes were fully open, pausing in his cleaning of my wounds.

“I actually fancy myself quite the genius, dear brother. Terribly rude of you to contradict me, and on my sick bed no less.” This earned me an eyeroll, accompanied by a sigh of relief he thought I couldn’t hear. I let it slide.

“You picked a fight to get on my ship in this state? Noah, you could’ve asked for my help. What the hell did you get up to this time?”

“Meh, this is a slight bruising to an assassin. I’ll be peachy in a couple of days. Besides, I like to make an entrance, you know that.”

“You’ve got four bullet wounds, two stab wounds, and a slice from your left clavicle to where your appendix should be. What about that equates to ‘peachy in a couple of days?’”

“Meh, shitty surgeon. Happens to the best of us.” I watched the exasperation creep across his face, that little vein on the right side of his jaw starting to twitch like our father’s. He had paused in his ministrations, instead clutching the cloth firmly enough for it to be dripping water, ever so slightly. “Calm down, calm down. Keep your nursemaid routine going and I’ll talk.”

“You’d better.” He gave me a stern look, but it didn’t hold. As he picked up the needle and thread, he raised a brow in silent question.

“Don’t insult me, Cairn, just sew the damn thing up.”

“Alright, alright. Carry on with your story, would ya?”

“I took a job for Mannook about six months ago, some barely legitimate robber-baron turned dictator-king down in Mohoddock. It was too easy and no one had any good jobs to follow-up, only petty vengeances. I only kill those that one could make a really convincing argument to the Goddess over.” He snorted at this and I tossed him a glare. “Anyways, the kill was short but not very sweet, so I was bored. Enter Uncle Shiner, floating in on his trash-pile boat with lots of rum and too many stories.”

“You got on Shiner’s boat? Are you mad?”

“I was sloshed, now pipe down. Anywho, I woke up two mornings later on the trash barge to absolute panic. Shiner had gotten served a summons to court for piracy and unlicensed sailing. Huge shocker, yeah?”

“Stunning, truly.” He quipped, the accompanying eyeroll making him look just enough like our father for it to hurt.

“So everyone and their mother was frantic, pants around the ankles, wigs crooked. You get the picture, yeah?” He nodded. “Then I see Vickers and he sees me. It was like a scene from some play; we were just staring one another down. He took a step toward me and I didn’t think, just made sure my things were in the right place and dove into the water.”

“I’ll never get used to the lack of worldly possessions.” Cairn says to me, knotting the gut and trimming the excess with his knife. He starts on the next wound, glancing up at me with an eager expression. “Go on. then.”

“Awfully eager, aren’t you?”

“What can I say, you’re Mother’s pride and joy when it comes to story-telling. It always was your profession that rubbed her the wrong way.”

“She left because I am a killer. Thanks for that one, Pirate Lord, Son of the Great Pirate king.” He grins at me and I can’t help but laugh, as though we’re children again, best friends wreaking havoc on this very boat.

Published by K. E. Diller

Young adult attempting to do a million things at once, including write books and follow my dreams.

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